The Youth Alive Events

The Youth Alive Events are initiative that is driven by the BAT Centre and coordinated by Youth Alive Foundation. Youth Alive Events allow us to incorporate more conscious themes fusing them with arts within the events. This allows the youth to express their thoughts and feelings about the realities they face versus the struggles of the past. We want to create a more interactive platform where the youth can voice out their frustrations through art bringing back the voice to the youth reinforcing the spirit of Ubuntu and self-awareness. The Youth Alive Events bowl has a mixture of the arts and visual activism, it’s to serve as a dialogue between the youth. We want to show the responsible side of the youth by encouraging and implementing projects in conjunction with the BAT Centre to involve the youth in activities that give life skills, promote responsibility and Ubuntu.


The UNDERGROUND ZONE is a celebration of the youth throughout the year using the Arts as a vehicle to educate and entertain the youth. The event is hosted once or twice a month depending on our schedule, this event is to serve the purpose of integrating the different cultures, youth and social circles. Underground zone wants to give the youth a positive outlook on life and have them appreciate the freedoms of today but also to take responsibility of their future and prioritise education as an essential tool in life so to be the critical thinkers of tomorrow. We want to inspire liberal Leaders of tomorrow.

Underground zone has been working with the youth for a number of years and we have seen the talents that our Nation has to offer. Having identified this we have conceptualised the Underground Zone Dance League and the Youth Alive events. The sole purpose is to reach beyond our normal hip-hop loving audience by incorporating other aspects of youth entertainment. Our mission is to instigate a merger between hip-hop and kasi cultures or lifestyles through the common celebrations and common understanding of being the youth of the 21st Century. As the youth has felt disassociated in the 21st century Underground zone plays a role of bringing back that sense of belonging in our society and country. These events are to give the youth an alternative activity to engage in during weekends, an activity that will engage them physically and mentally. Building on their interpersonal skills and life skills with the help of the LOVELIFE organisation which we have approached to be a long term partner. It is up to us as the youth to help our fellow peers with struggles even if it’s for 1day because it only takes 1sec to dream and 1 dream to inspire change and 1 chance to realise a dream. If the youth is without dreams that is a generation lost. Within the Event there is a cascade of different activities and live performances, we have invited known personalities to give words of motivation and performances in their trade make art works. Before Underground zone has hosted CASHTIME, Zakwe, Duncan, Champions and an array of upcoming artists putting them on the same level as these personalities giving them a positive boost of confidence to ‘keep their dreams alive’. It’s the Underground zones wish to continue this by partnering up with enthusiastic sponsors who have the same zeal and same hopes as our movement, so they can assist in extending our reach to more young people around KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.